A healthy body is as important as a healthy mind, so we tailor your workouts too.

This guide will be your go-to for at-home workouts tailored for you, vital nutritional facts and much more.

Everyone's body is different, and everyone has different end goals as to why it is they want to achieve. So we help you identify your physical goal, tailor your homemade workouts and take you further towards your goal. All of our workouts are created by the Founder Sam Neame and are made carefully following the information you have given us, to get you where you want to be as safe as possible.



The reason I offer both.

These workouts are perfect for you if you can't invest hours in the gym, you can do them anywhere at any time, you don't even need equipment which is a bonus. 

You will build a healthier heart as every workout has short rest periods, which keeps your heart working efficiently, you will even notice changes to your metabolism and in the long run burn more fat. 

What will you receive?

  • A 2-week high-performance workout plan

  • 1 on 1 contact with Sam Neame 

  • A tailor-made nutrition plan 

  • weekly follow up calls 

To clarify, I am a life coach but also offer fitness coaching to my clients upon demand.

Get in contact with me to find out more.


Nutrition & Fitness explained by Sam

Here are some of the most insightful tips you'll find scattered around all in one. It's important to know what we're about to say because it'll offer you a quick & easy understanding into how your body works which will show you the results even faster.

What diet should active people have? 

Active people need energy right, which is in the form of carbohydrates, fats as well as protein. It's vital to eat a variety of foods such as grains, veg, fruit, beans, lean meats, fish and low-fat dairy (ideally). Active people prioritise staying hydrated throughout the day, for your body to function properly drink enough water depending on your activities.

Are carbs important for active people? 

When you consume sugars, for example, your body will change them into glucose, which is actually the only form of carb used by muscles directly for energy use. They come in all forms (vegetables, sugar, fruits, lactose). 

Your body uses glucose, they become stored as glycogen, then during exercise are broken down in your muscles to provide energy.

Should active people need extra protein to build muscles? 

Not at all, they only need a certain amount of protein, muscles develop from training & exercise. Protein doesn't get stored like carbs, imagine eating too much is like overstocking fresh fish, you need to use it there and then or it'll go off, and if you don't use the overload of protein then it gets turned to fat, which is the biggest trouble of big bodybuilders. Here at My French Coach, we believe a well-balanced diet, with plenty of natural fats, is the way forward, like anything in life taken in doses.

What should you eat before, during and after any exercise? 

All 3 are relatively important, you can't race a car with no fuel, how cheesy but true.


  • High carbs are great just like banana's (my favourite), fresh bread or fruit juice. They will provide quick energy to your body.

  • Timing-wise, eating right before a workout will probably not be a great idea, personally, 1-2 hours gives your body enough time to digest and do it's job before you do your job.

  • Stay hydrated before any workout, it'll improve your strength and stamina by 10-15%, how crazy!


  • When working out properly you may be burning a lot of energy so quick sugars can help relieve this, you see tennis player at Wimbledon has one bite of a banana after every set, they do it because it works so try it.

  • Easy to remember, 1 bite of a banana or natural sugar, enough water.


  • If you've completed a good workout, you'll feel sweaty, tired and low on energy, this is good, all you need to do is refuel, replenish the system.

  • However much you have burnt you will now want to get something good back in your body, let's say a small bowl of pasta, chicken and veg.

I really hope this helps, I made everything as easy to understand as possible without using too many super technical words, we're always here to help and to offer advice on your health & fitness.



Did you know..

1) Sleep improves concentration & productivity 

Good sleep is vital for good brain function. (cognition, concentration, productivity and performance)

These can be affected by sleep deprivation.

2) Good sleep will maximise fitness performance

Sleep enhances athletic performance.

in many studies, athletes who slept enough each night had improved speed, accuracy, reaction times and mental health.

3) Bad sleep has a big link to depression

over 90% of people who have depression state they have bad sleep quality. 

Poor sleeping patterns especially those with no sleeping routine are at a higher risk of depression.

4) Improves immune function

Even losing an hour of sleep will effect your immune system.

Those who sleep less than 7 hours a night are more likely to catch the common cold.

5) Skin & body inflammation 

Lack of sleep can lead to long term inflammation of the digestive tract.

It can also affect the complexion of your skin, showing it to be inflamed.

6) Sleep will affect your emotions

Losing sleep will reduce your ability to interact with others surprisingly.

Recognising other peoples expressions will be a lot more difficult.


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