Remind yourself of what you have achieved

Updated: Apr 27

It's easy to keep looking ahead, sometimes it's beneficial to look back and see how far we've come.

So many people come to me with things they haven't done, achieved or want to do. My first sentence is normally something like, "what have you achieved in your time"? or " How did you solve your biggest problem"?

We all forget how far we have come it's crazy, everything is always moving forwards, just how it should, but it's important and actually vital to stop, write down exactly what we have achieved and carry on. Don't be hard on yourself, if you've got your health, family and a few basics you're already killing it.

Truth is, we will just keep on going which is fair enough, but we do forget these things, for example I'm also hard on myself, I tell myself I could be doing this or I could be doing that, or the word I really dislike is, I "should". Then I remind myself I learnt to speak french better than most french people, or I graduated from a great university, or I've had multiple start ups throughout my teenage years.

Write them down

Take a pen and paper, write down what you've achieved and remind yourself of this every few days. Put a custom reminder on your phone that's what I do, and in the times of need it will bring you back up. Try this and write down :

  • What you're grateful for

  • Who has helped you through difficult times

  • Who have you helped

  • What you're proud of

  • Your biggest achievement

  • Why you're amazing



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