The reasons why You need to exercise

Updated: Apr 28

So why should we exercise regularly, and why do we do it so much.

Weight control

Excess weight is not many desire, hence why exercising obviously helps burn calories and maintain a healthy body. The more intense and harder you work when it comes to the gym or exercising the more weight you will begin to shift. Exercise doesn't just mean the gym, it can also mean evening walks and taking the stairs rather than the lift. If you struggle with weight control this could be the reason why.

Health conditions benefit

Exercising regularly can help us both in the short term and long term which is an absolute bonus. Doing so will help prevent a huge list of health problems :

  • Anxiety & depression

  • Type 2 diabetes

  • High blood pressure

  • Arthritis

  • Metabolic syndrome

  • Many types of cancer


Not feeling 100%? Well doing exercise regularly can really help balance your mood and keep you smiling for longer. When we exercise we release many chemicals which lead to a better mood and a clearer outlook.

A bonus of working out will be our physical appearance, looking good in our own eyes can be really healthy and important, which will positively impact our mental health also.

Energy boost

Getting your body active will help your cardiovascular system work a lot better which in the long run will give you more energy and help you feel fitter, you will run for longer, walk for longer and have a larger amount of energy throughout the day.

Personal opinions from Sam Neame

I know and meet so many people who don't go to the gym or do any kind of physical activity, and it kills me. Again it may just be opinions but as humans, we are built to move, stay fit and have a healthy body. Having a good diet isn't the only way to look after yourself. The gym isn't just a place to get big muscles, it's a sanctuary to gaining clarity and releasing bundles of stress, it's quite literally therapy and you're in control of it. Here are a few things the gym can do for you.. reduce your stress levels, boost brain power, increase energy levels, reduced depression, increased confidence, improved sleep, increased self-esteem, and a general increase on clarity.

Sport as a child growing up in a house with a huge garden equipped with football goals and cricket pitches, and also a lovely spacious french garden with as much countryside to roam may have helped. But when I started working out things changed, I've always been a go-getter, nevertheless, I lacked discipline, the gym taught me discipline, and anything you take away from the gym can actually be applied into your daily life. It gives you even more purpose and self-belief. When you see results in the mirror and the way you feel, well you just know something is shifting, and that is such an important element to growing in yourself.

You don't have to know what you're doing to go to the gym, watch a few videos, get a PT for a few weeks, read and learn online, it's all free, we're blessed in this generation. I'm only 25 so I was essentially born into technology, but imagine searching for workouts in the early 1900s, it wouldn't be a click away would it.. so embrace it.



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