This is why you should write a list before bedtime

Updated: Apr 28

Some of the reasons behind why these lists works are hugely beneficial especially to those with busy lives.

As humans whatever it is you do in the day there is a lot to process, remember and think about. Truth is you want to remember more than you actually can. For example, I write down things that make me feel good, last Friday I saw a lady struggling with her big luggage so offered to carry it until the train arrived and you should have seen her face. Writing these things down will help remind you firstly of all the little things which add up, but also to relieve your mind. So put a reminder on your phone for 8 pm, make a list and finally sleep with ease. Trust me, it works.

Reduce stress

This may seem like a lie, but let's face it, when we write something down there's a feeling of relief, as we put the physical effort in typing or writing we are essentially removing the weight from our minds, which is a key to gaining clarity. It goes hand in hand when writing a thought down, especially before bedtime, as this means you're relieving any pressure on yourself before such an important time, which is bedtime. Think of it like this, when your iPhone is running slow, freezing or losing battery fast, it's probably because it can't take all of the information within the phone, there's not enough storage space and it's being overused.. we are exactly the same, so before bed, write out anything on your mind, anything you need to do and start to feel the relief of pressure, followed by a lovely nights sleep.

Whether it's a list or a whiteboard, as long as you're getting things off of your mind you will become more productive. Here are a few benefits of using a whiteboard.


To become more efficient there are many habits we can implement into our day to day lives. It is vital we remind ourselves we are essentially machines, and in order for the machine to be efficient, they need to be well looked after. On a day to day basis we save a lot of memories and information which ends up bulky and the way we feel the bulk is in stress, this means we become less efficient. Applying small habits such as jotting down anything on our mind before bed will free up space in the brain and offer a clearer night's sleep.



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