4 different environments make 4 different Sam's

Updated: Apr 22

Some of the main reasons it can be a good idea to understand different environments and what it brings out in us..

This could actually be a stepping stone to become generally more fulfilled. You‘re probably wondering what a change of environment actually is, let me give you my personal examples and how each different “environment/place” affects my mood and vision. Personally I have about 4 different places I visit/live, currently I live in Cambridge, travel to canterbury in kent every 6-9 days, I then fly to France every 2 months where I was lucky enough to grow up, and finally back on the tube to London for an average of 1 day a week. Now this may just look like I live the life, but there’s more to it. Every different place puts us in a slighlty différent mindset.

1st location : CAMBRIDGE

When I’m in Cambridge I’m very comfortable, content, active, positive, slighlty unclear at times. In general I’m happy and busy doing things I love like rowing, punting, coffee and being extremely social.

2nd Location : CANTERBURY

Canterbury is where I feel I’m home, you know every indepe coffee shop and consistently bumping into business owners, friends and probably old teachers. Everything in my mind is steady, slow and fulfilled, more or a leisurely feel.

3rd Location : LONDON

When in London, the massively ambitious Sam takes over, networking most of the day, meeting clients and drinking tea in some beautiful hotels. London is where inspiration comes from, there is for sure a lot going on, however if you want fire in your belly, this will spark it, for me it does anyway! I never feel fully relaxed here, my mind is ticking with ideas, people to see and places to go. London has given me so many opportunities, even offering a helping hand to those who need it has ended up in job opportunities and potential investors.

4th Location : FRANCE

France, this is my home, my favourite person/best friend/mother lives here so it must be home! Having grown up here I’ve been very lucky, the education system is great, the french are very outgoing and kind, and memories will stay with me forever.

When home in France everything becomes clear, it’s a place you can overlook your life as if you were playing sim’s. You can see who wants you in their lives, you can see your route, your vision and you have time to recalibrate.

The moral of my personal story here is that a lot of close friends, people Or clients ask me why I‘m always happy. That’s a difficult one to answer but I know the fact I can move around and visit different locations/environments is a huge contributing factor.

Ask yourself if you’re truly happy in your environment, do you feel trapped or need a mini retirement? There’s always a way out you may just need to remind yourself. Take the next step and find another environment that’ll make you feel content.



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