Reasons behind having a whiteboard in your bedroom (Sam Neame)

Updated: Apr 27

For many having a whiteboard in your room may remind of your school days, but the benefits are endless, here are some to remember.

What a great idea

Have you ever been laying on your bed and a lightbulb appears in your mind, a brilliant idea. How many times do you write it down and build on this idea, or does it float around in your mind for 10 minutes until you become distracted? Well, this is how My French Coach was founded by Sam Neame, these are known as kitchen table businesses. A few reasons as to why he did something about the idea is because he wrote it down, he visualised the idea and would draw on the board anything he had in mind for the company.

Visualise daily

When we look at something daily, it becomes a habit and having a habit is a big step towards success. Let's say there's something you really really want, it could be a house, a place to go, a bike, who knows! Well in order to get closer to what you desire it's important to look at it, see it daily and try to feel it. The more we see something we like that we don't have the more we do to get it.

As told by Sam Neame

Anyone to enter my bedroom and notice the big whiteboard on my wall opposite the bed are always surprised. I mean, would you be? really? Why do I do this, and what is actually on it?

This may be you so listen up. Ever since I was a young boy a previously mentioned in the other blogs I've always visualised things. This is the same thing. Firstly the reason its slap bang in front of my bed is so I can actually see it in the morning or before sleeping.

We carry a lot of stress and baggage, lots of small things to remember, along with dates or birthdays and passwords. So what I do, is I empty my brain onto this whiteboard, this now means I have space to remember the new things entering my mind.

Pick up the pen

Here are a few things I have written on my whiteboard :

- 5 things I'm grateful for.

- Things I have to look forward to (holidays, dates, sport, dinners)

- My weekly mind (anything to remember for this current week)

- Long term (things that won't happen straight away but maybe in a month or 2 (tax rebate, dentist, coaching, clients meeting)

- Travel (where I will or want to travel this year)

- people to see

- My Businesses (a mind map of my current businesses and what needs to be improved)

So there it is, this is how I keep a clear mind throughout my days without stressing or feeling overwhelmed. Make sure you try it, have at least 3 categories and see how you feel!

This is a great step moving forward to having a clear focused mind.



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