Why failure is your key to winning

Updated: Apr 28

Failure should be applauded and not be something to be embarrassed about, here are ways to embrace failure.

For hundreds of years, failure has been the golden ticket to achieving massive success, whether that success was financial freedom, winning gold medals or having a happy family. All failure actually is, is perspective, it's how you see it and what you do with it. I'm just like you, I love winning, I love doing well and succeeding, even if it's throwing an apple in a bin from 10 ft away. But the truth is if you miss the bin you feel liked you've failed. But why leave the apple on the floor ? pick it up, try again, fail again. Why? Because you don't just jump on a bike and ride it, you don't simply just start walking when you're born, it takes time and effort, along with pain and frustration.

Priceless lessons

Learning is important, it's vital in fact, there are many ways to learn, YouTube, school, mentors, books, podcasts, we could go on. But what is the most effective way of learning? most will say a job or school, however, failing is the best way to learn anything. To put this claim into simple words, you don't just do your job and be perfect at it, imagine a builder, on his first-ever day with no training he won't just start building a house, and even if he does it won't just happen perfectly, he will fail, he will learn from failing and apply these lessons to the next house. If only we could change the word fail to something life "second go" or "another try" it would be welcomed a lot more that's for sure. We must embrace it and look after it, it's the way we grow and it's the way we learn. There are still these reasons to keep smiling.

Snowball effect

My theory is, every time we "fail" we grow, we see clearer, we achieve a new skill, we train our mindset. Ever since I started embracing failure I've been extremely content and driven. Here's a scenario, imagine if failing was so well looked upon, imagine... We would all be trying again and doing whatever we tried to do even better! It's as simple as that.

Example: A child will pick up a bike and fall off, he won't just walk away, he will pick it up again, and fall off. He will keep doing so until he can pedal at least a few times and still keep going.

So next time you fail an exam or miss a goal or miss a date due to traffic, EMBRACE IT. It's life, it's natural, it's something you can control, so keep your mindset strong, get up, try again and you will succeed. Now apply this to the bigger things and tell me how it feels. I'm writing this from a coffee shop in Cambridge, just before I didn't get the time I wanted on the rowing machine at my club, but it's ok because next time I'm going to try again.



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