The benefits of talking to strangers

Updated: Apr 27

That’s a really easy question actually, the reason I am so outgoing is simply because I love people. Whenever I say that I love people, everyone looks at me as if I’m crazy, but it doesn’t matter because I really do, but why? I see people as the key to living a happy life, every person is so different, unique, and can offer you so much more than you’ll ever realise, here are a few personal examples of why I talk to a lot of people, and by this I actually mean strangers.

I personally adore hotel and lounges to work, meet clients but also to relax, now if I go to a hotel I will ALWAYS get to know the staff and managers, and without a doubt, they ALWAYS remember me. But why? What’s the point? Well the point is that I enjoy it, I like making people feel good, and the people like to make us feel good too, but this also means next time I’ll be warmly greeted and probably offered the best seat. At the end of the day put yourself in the shoes of workers in a hotel, if a nice young man comes in and asks how they’re doing whilst complimenting their attire for example, how would you treat them? I say no more.

That’s a small example, the benefits for me personally range from amazing job offers to holidays and meetings in some of the nicest luxury apartments you could only dream of, and this is possible for you!

So next time you head to a restaurant or a hotel, be nice, compliment those around you, give them a smile, it’s all free and it’ll give you a boost for the day I promise!



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