The ultimate tips on how to self - isolate

Updated: Apr 29

Tough times create tough people, here are a few ways to get you through quarantine.

This whole situation is new to everyone, it's very difficult but it's temporary, this is what we must remind ourselves. There are many positive outlooks to this dilemma, once finished we will not only appreciate everything we have a lot more but we will hopefully appreciate our own company too. Spending time alone or with family, housemates is not an easy ordeal, which is why it's important to find ways to enjoy it, it's fully possible.

Days in isolation probably seem long, somewhat like groundhog day, you wake up and do the same thing when really, each day is full of incredible possibilities. Remember when you would say "I wish we had time too.." well there's no excuse now!

A real routine will save you

Think about your job, your work or your normal daily routine, it's probably broken up in at least 4 segments but probably more. Whether we are stuck inside or not it will help to break the day up into different portions. Firstly, Get out of bed at the same time every day and be active. Start to do whatever it is you want or need to do for certain time periods, maybe 40 minutes work 20 minutes rest, you may be able to finally give this ago. By the end of the day, you will have learnt the next segment which is relaxing.

Just because you are home it doesn't mean you have to be in your sweet pyjamas all day every day, try and shower, put normal clothes on and pretend you are getting ready to go out, without the stress of doing the unnecessary things of course. An idea of a good home routine during the lockdown.

Get the cookbook out

Segmenting your days is a really helpful way of using your time preciously, but you probably won't be able to fill them fully. You may notice in-between segments you will have some thinking issues, maybe overthinking, which is why you will fill those holes with things you enjoy, that you love, like cooking, or a game, who knows but it works. Good cooking will not only keep you busy, but it will also be an investment for the future, you will have dishes in mind for when your partner has their boss over, or a last-minute family dinner, you can't go wrong. Real homemade food isn't just good for the soul but also your body in general, natural ingredients made into something lovely by you is such a success, you will feel more alive and appreciative.

Keep active and exercise

Exercise is the best medicine, to many things including isolation which relates to your mental health. Regular or even daily exercise will keep your mind and body revitalised and healthy, you will be surprised at the difference it makes. Humans are not built to sit inside for long periods of time without moving, hence why if you work in an office you may have a few back problems, now is your chance to correct it and feel rejuvenated. To do most exercises you don't need a real gym, these can be done outside, in your room and of course, walking is more than good enough. The top Home workout ideas are at your service.

Enjoyable activities

Remind yourself of those hobbies you enjoy, they could be things you have done in a long time but could really bring back good memories. Sometimes it can be nice to go back to the good old days where we had less technology at our fingertips and embrace board games or outside play. Everyone has different hobbies we get that, even watching tv or films, why not immerse yourself in a binge of Netflix or even better, harry potter! Activities can be fun but learning a new skill during this period can seriously impact you in many positive ways. The best part is that most skills are usually free, all you need to do is invest your time, or, sometimes a small amount of money for a big and priceless return on your investment.

Take a look at some of the best skills to learn during quarantine that will make you more valuable.

Make sure you sleep

We can read more and more about the importance of sleep online, it's very popular because it's very important. There's also another important element to good sleep which is the setup. You won't always just fall asleep unless you're really shattered, so a pre-sleep routine can really help, a few ideas would be to cut out screen time 3 hours before sleeping, a shower and a warm tea. Real sleep which is consistent every night will set your brain up and balance your mood out, which in the long run is healthy and in the short run, you will feel better and more with it during the time you are awake.



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