The ultimate guide on escaping the rat race

Escaping a job you genuinely dislike seems impossible at times, but trust us, it is more than possible and we will tell you why.

For many the Monday to Friday is probably a pretty tough one, firstly Monday's are not easy for most especially if you dislike your job, but we haven't even mentioned the commute yet. If you arent enjoying where you work, why would you get sweaty at 6 am, stuck inside a hot train with too many people? Something to bear in mind is the environment, if you pay close attention, there aren't many smiles on the train in the morning, and we're sure it's not just due to lack of sleep...

There's a big reason people aren't happy in their jobs and it's very self-explanatory. Think about it, who wakes up and says "I would love to reply to customer complaints all day" I mean, a very small percentage. The truth is, people, do jobs to pay bills instead of enjoying them, which is upsetting when we realise how much time we don't have in this world.

You're in the rat race if :

  • You dislike your 9-5 job

  • You leave early and get home late miserable

  • You work to pay only bills and mortgage

  • Chasing financial stability instead of a happy life

  • You only travel when you get holidays from work

  • Your only goals are upgrading your rented car and home

  • Getting married as early as possible

  • Settling down very fast for security

This all sounds quite negative, the truth is the rat race is not the end of the world, but you're reading this to grow and become the best possible version of yourself, so it's obvious you're ready. If these points make you feel uncomfortable or are relatable, then you are in the right place to change them. Follow these steps and live the life you want to live.

Figure out what you want

Let's be honest you won't move away from something like the rat race unless there is a reason to. Take the time to figure out what you want, a question to ask is "What job would I do for free every single day and not hate it ". This will give you an idea, but of course, we all have different motivations to make the change :

  • Gain more time in the day for family or hobbies

  • Make more money doing something we love

  • Work less, work smarter

  • Start a business

The list could go on, but be sure to write down and create a vision of what your perfect life would look like. There's some brilliant advice here on creating vision boards for clarity in your life.

Baby steps moving forwards

You are now aware of where it is you want to go when leaving the rat race, so before any big leap it's a good idea to write down a plan. Let's be realistic, it would be very silly to just suddenly leave your job and begin with no plan. So step by step, we move forward and take each day as it comes. For example, you would like to start an online business the steps you will need are :

  • A good or service

  • A website

  • Enough time to create content

  • A marketing strategy

This is just an example, it does not have to be a complicated business plan, a few bullet points will do the trick. We are lucky today that we have places like google to ask when we're unsure. A solid plan will lead to more clarity and help you take clearer steps towards your goal.

What's the ETA?

We now have a plan and the right steps to take, everything is organised, so now, it's a good idea to create an estimated time. Having a time set will not only give you clarity but also something to work towards. A clear plan along with a clear timeline will give you more self-confidence to make the leap when you are in the right place to. Essentially, knowing when to leave the rat race is something that will come naturally when different elements are in place. If the last leap is your finances, then hold off until you can have a safety net, it is possible, so don't forget it.

List your thoughts

List and visualise what you want in life, it works and it's extremely effective. The use of a vision board will mean you have your dream in front of you every day. When we see something every day for a few times it begins to get stuck in our minds, and we will unintentionally get closer to it. This is the law of attraction which is highly powerful and really works.

So if it's on your mind, write it down or print it out, just make sure your plans are fully visible to you as much as possible for the best results. Some good tips on making a vision board are here, the results can be really impactful.



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