The reason a balanced breakfast is life-changing

Updated: Apr 27

You will hear a lot of people throughout time tell you "eat your breakfast its the most important meal of the day " well that's because it is. For those who do diets like intermittent fasting, we get it you don't do breakfast or maybe you do, but to those who don't do any of the fastings, eat a proper breakfast, when it comes to body and mind performance, this contributes massively!

There are a few things to remember before eating breakfast, firstly you have just slept probably 8 hours, and before that, your last meal was 3 hours before bed, that is now 11 hours without fuel and your body has been fasting all night. You will notice in the morning you want to guzzle water, again, this is because you are like a machine and need to refuel after repairing. In order for you to feel good, look good and function properly your body needs good nutrients to run on, like minerals and fibre, vitamins and protein.

This means fewer snacks

Oh, we love a snack, that naughty moment in-between a meal, normally sugar-filled and calorific. Truth is if you're looking to get healthy, stay fit or change your body, cutting snacks is one of the most important steps... It's not easy but it must happen. Eating a wholesome breakfast will cut this urge, along with drinking water, if you consume enough if the morning you shouldn't feel hungry for hours. When it comes to water, it is, of course, a great idea to keep on drinking it throughout the day, when you think you are hungry a lot of the time you may just be thirsty. For those who struggle to eat breakfast we understand, you don't feel hungry in the morning, you're busy, you need to get out to work. Try and stop, remember why it's so important to have a balanced breakfast and actually make time for it, it will repay you but letting you feel amazing during the day.

The ultimate breakfast

When it comes to what breakfast to have, there's so much variety and can be ever so exciting. Depending on your body type and end goal, breakfast can be a major boost to contribution. A high protein meal in the morning will set you up for most of the day, remember if you have worked out the day before your muscles will need to rebuild themselves. Eating a nice breakfast doesn't mean you should eat the same thing every day, keep it exciting, keep it interesting and tasty, make it something you look forward to. Let's have a look at a few easy breakfasts you can make in under 10 minutes.

The famous bowl of cereal

If you don't have time for cereal there's something going wrong.. there is such a choice of good cereal, however, many are packed with refined sugars so be careful, check the label, you shouldn't eat cereal with more than 5 g of sugar really. Remember the more natural the better.

Porridge & fruit

Cheap, easy and healthy. You can't really go wrong with this, not only will you digest porridge for a long period of time, but you will also be consuming the natural sugars of fruit. The best part about this breakfast is that you can play around and add different things, like fruits, raisins, nuts, coconut milk, chia seeds, it's endless!

The ultimate egg

Eggs are incredible, they're packed full of protein and really delicious. The possibilities are endless when it comes to making breakfast with eggs. It takes a few minutes to fry, poach or scramble the bad boys, you can even make a tasty omelette.

The healthy fry up

Please don't think of a £3 breakfast with meat that quite looks like meat. An English breakfast actually contains many good nutrients, however, it gets a bad name because of the amount of salt, fried ingredients, low-quality products within. You can replace anything like bacon or deep-fried foods with other things like tomatoes, reduced sugar beans, homemade hash browns.



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