The most effective ways to feel happy

Updated: May 1

In times of uncertainty feeling good about yourself or anything, in fact, can sometimes be hard. There are many useful tips down below to help you get it back because it never left!

Finding true happiness for most is probably or should be one of our main purposes for life. It's not always an easy as it seems to "be happy" you can, however, find happiness in a lot, whether it's people, places, things.

Here you will learn how to feel truly content and energized which will lead to reasons for feeling happy. There are principles to implement into your life, so carry on reading and get inspired.

Happiness, while achievable for most, there are some that struggle not only with feeling happy but the battle of the mind with that sentiment. Particularly parents, mothers and fathers struggle with that. Your mental health matters and the people that are most affected with depression are mothers.

For a detailed article on ways to diagnose and treat depression in new mothers here is a great read by Genesis Michelle: Mental Health Awareness For New Mothers: You Matter Too

Learn and grow your mind

Something which you may not know is that wherever you direct your thoughts can control how happy you feel. So write down what it is you're thinking about the most. In order to become happy and to become the best version of you, try and feed your mind nutritious information.

A great tip on how to feed your mind is to read at least 25-35 minutes a day, which is something that interests you or challenges you. Social media does not count. Relatability is always important, finding people who inspire you online or in autobiographies will help motivate you, seeing how they have achieved what they desire will give you a reason to also. Reading isn't the secret tip, it's about consuming the right information, try podcasts and YouTube videos too.

Maintain a strong body

Your mind and body are one, remember that, they work together so both must be treated well. An example if you feel physically fit and strong, your mind will also follow, which is a very powerful strength. Maintaining a healthy and strong body is not as hard as you think, first comes having a healthy diet along with the nutrients for good energy. Cutting down on sugars will lead to a clearer mind and also a less sluggish feel. How many times should you be exercising though? try and aim for a minimum of 3-5 days a week. When exercising it's important to get your heart rate up for at least 10-12 minutes for the true benefits. A few ideas on keeping this consistent will be to implement it into your morning routine, as part of a ritual or habit, you will exercise without even asking yourself.

Find a role model or mentor

Someone to look up to for guidance and inspiration will do a world of help, in fact, they act as a rock in tough times along with a motivator when things are on a high. When looking for happiness, it's a good idea to see how others achieved the same thing. Being happy is not just luck remember that. If you see your role model or anyone you aspire to be like has found happiness, then they have just found it, they have implemented small steps and ways to become more fulfilled every day.

Your friendship bubble will make you

Many of us will have people around us with similar levels of happiness or even below, one of the reasons is because they will make us feel better about ourselves without being challenging. The negative side to this is the lack of challenge, you will no longer be challenged which is dangerous.

It probably sounds simple but if you hang around those do not want to grow, who are negative and who look at the downs in their life, you will most probably start doing this too. It's vital to be around people that are doing what you want to do, to help you grow. If you manage to place yourself here, you will feel it, you will become more positive and look on the right side.

Spend a lot more time outdoors

When we spend too much time locked away inside it starts to eat away at us mentally. If you research the benefits of even keeping your house or flat replenished to fresh air it will really help. Living and going to green spaces is associated with a clearer and more optimistic mindset, which is the step to feeling happy. When we get enough vitamin D it helps fight depression and anxiety.

Do your best if you feel you need it to get the outdoor time you need, replenish your thoughts, take in the fresh air and reconnect with yourself.

Get your 8 hours

Feeling happier, in general, comes so much easier and faster if you are sleeping properly, and by properly we mean 7-8 hours a night of consistent sleep. It's not always a given to just sleep well we understand, which is why there are many tips you can follow to help ease into a pattern on good sleep. Create a healthy routine before bedtime, power off the laptop and screens a few hours before nodding off, try and turn the lights off and listen to a podcast or audiobook, and have a warm tea to calm yourself. If you are after a good sleep, get rid of as much stress and distractions before you do so.

Listen to the right music

Do you ever feel low and think, I know what song I'll play... well it actually works, music activates the brain's reward system and is the magic to feeling happy. Music is technically medicine to the brain, along with a mood enhancer. Upbeat music will get your mood up depending on the beat and the feel of the music, try something new, create a playlist with a mix and see how you feel.

Try and let go

There are times in life when we begin to feel happy and then we remind ourselves of negativity from the past, this is such a dangerous and bad concept. Think about it, is this happy moment worth enjoying or being coloured over by something which is out of your control and more importantly in the past..? Holding onto negativity will, unfortunately, kill your happiness. Identify the thoughts that arise, write them down and think about them, think about them to a point where they no longer have any relevance in your new way of thinking. We must take control of our mind, if not the negativity will take over your positive outlook which is a recipe for disaster.

Self-care will help

Helping others feels good, it really doe, but sometimes we naturally forget to take care of ourselves which is a priority. Looking after ourselves on a daily basis can come in small steps and habits which will lead to positive results. Small things which some make take for granted are sometimes things we need the most, a small coffee at your favourite place, a walk-in nature, a siesta. When you take care of yourself the results will lead to a more content state which others will notice very easily, you will also be able to help others better than before. Keep your mind happy by eating properly, top tips on boosting your immune system with your diet.

Hands off social media

We get it, everyone loves it, it feels good, it looks good and it's a big part of our lives, however social media can really harm you, it can also get in-front of letting you feel happy. On social media, you will not always see the true lives of those posting for a start, which means everything you see will in some ways be a huge life comparison between you and others which include celebrities and models. Social media teaches you how to compare sometimes, which is truly dangerous, as feeling happy is finding happiness in oneself. Staying away from social media platforms when you're feeling low will help improve your mood, give it a try.

Find hobbies to keep your time filled

Spending a large amount of time not doing what we enjoy is also dangerous, hence why those who don't enjoy their jobs really struggle mentally. Spending time without doing things we enjoy leads to rumination, in other words overthinking which can be truly dangerous. The more you isolate yourself away from these activities the more risk there is of depression and anxiety. Get the painting out, football, bike, the knitting, whatever it may be and get busy doing what you enjoy again.

Understand that life happens for you not against you

There's a guarantee in life, and that is that it will never go consistently how you want it to go, no matter how prepared you are, it just won't. An example, the current pandemic has genuinely affected everyone around the world, health, economy, health systems and much more. But to put it into perspective, it is easy to fall victim to negative events that happen to you in life, it really is. The mindset of allowing these moments to harm us is dangerous, however, if we spin it around and tell ourselves these moments are happening for us, for a reason then this is your ladder to growth. An example, let's say you haven't been happy in your job for 6 months, but you work anyway, one day your boss comes in and says they have to let you go, this will be upsetting right.. but little do you know, this has just happened for you, you can now have the power to find something you love again.

Connect with people

Life starts to feel better when we share experience and begin to connect with people in general. It isn't the easiest thing for introverts or anyone who struggles in social situations, however putting yourself out there will help you grow, if you challenge yourself you will see and feel a sense of purpose. The benefits of even having a coffee with someone we like to talk to can mould your day into something very positive.

When it comes to feeling happy in general, everybody is different but there are fundamentals, in general, taking care of yourself and others will really help you feel fulfilled. Put these principles above into action and you will notice big changes to your days.



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