The guide to boosting your immune system

Updated: Apr 28

Here are some really useful and important tips for boosting your immune system when it needs it the most!

There are so many myths and quick fixes when it comes to supplements or even just keeping your immune system healthy. But it's so confusing, I mean why do we need to buy extra supplements? But the truth is, right now we need to boost our immune systems more than ever considering we have the COVID-19 to fight, but we will get through this!

Firstly, for anyone wondering, the immune system is the body's way of defending itself against anything nasty, including diseases. According to the expert's there is no way to immediately boost your immune system with just a supplement, HOWEVER, making small steps will read on for these magical tips.

Fresh air is vital

How often do you get fresh air? As we are in the middle of lockdown we tend to stay locked in which is what we are being asked to do, yet it is ever so important to get fresh air in the lungs to boost your immune system, more importantly, getting sunlight is essential for supporting a healthy immune system. When we stay inside and sleep inside, we probably have the heating on, the same circulation of air. This will weaken your immune system as your body stops fighting to stay warm, which is when we are more likely to weaken the system and catch an illness. So remember to get fresh air and walk guys.

Cut the stress

Times are stressful, everyone is in a panic which is doing all kinds of things to your nervous system, this will actually affect your sleep, it'll be harder to sleep. A few tips on controlling your stress will firstly be to eliminate anything you are not in control of such as the COVID-19 situation, and instead focus on things you can control, like your health, relationship and nutrition. Social media is so easy to access and start scrolling before you know it 3 hours have gone by and how do you feel now? exactly, so cut down the phone, embrace time with yourself or your family and you will already start to feel better.

Eat properly

Eating the right quality and amount of food is so important, a truly balanced diet will keep your body strong and help fight anything. There are many healthy foods to eat, but it is still vital to have a balanced diet, our bodies need a lot of different nutrients for it to function properly, this is worth looking into! An example of essential nutrients are found in nuts, fruits, legumes and seeds. Before shopping and eating your food think about where it came from. When it comes to natural foods like fruit and veg, look at the colours, the stronger the colour the better it is for you.

Push exercise

For many doctors around the world including health experts, exercise is one of the most important habits if you want to stay healthy in the long-term. Regular exercise is a general cure for both physical and mental ill-health, it'll help you sleep much better, exercise will also help release serotonin which will lead to a happier mood. When it comes to stress, the effects will be cut down dramatically, we are built to stay fit so if you're in need of any of the above, maybe it's time to get hooked. A quick and easy read when it comes to why you need to exercise.

If you smoke then stop

Lockdown means more time for yourself, don't let this mean you get more time to do the nasty habit of smoking. Maybe it's a good time to give it a go and stop, there's no other excuses, or is there... We all have habits for different reasons, but does this actually help.

Try supplements

There are a few supplements which we really do need and which are very hard to get from foods such as vitamin c & vitamins D. These supplements will support your immune system considering you will probably be lacking natural sunlight, so maybe it's a time to visit somewhere like Holland & Barrett, order online of course.



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