These are a few Reasons to smile

Updated: Apr 27

It's time to bare the teeth and smile, here are some true health benefits to smiling.

Bye-bye stress

A good old smile does plenty more than just look good, it relieves stress which is a big enemy to most. When we smile we are releasing endorphins which then lowers cortisol in our body. Even when you're stressed, smiling can help fight any negativity you may be experiencing, even if you smile to yourself or in the mirror, there will be noticeable changes to your day and mood.

You look pretty

A good smile is proven to be stronger than just looks, so if you have a strong and enthusiastic smile, get it out it's time to shine. A noticeable increase of social contact when making eye contact and smiling has been discovered, this is something our founder Sam Neame also lives by, it's a way to network and also diffuse situations.

Job success

Whether you have a job or a business, according to the experts, consistently happy people are generally a lot more successful in general than the non-smilers. There will be a noticeable snowball effect of positivity when it comes to situations like this, as you become more successful the more opportunities will occur.

Real-life benefits

Here's a scenario and it's something I do on a daily basis. When crossing the road there's a car coming towards me, instead of pulling a face and jumping back or even giving off a dirty look, I look straight at the driver, give him a genuine smile and put my hand up in gratitude. You really have to be a miserable git to keep going, don't you... It's funny because 90% of the time the driver brings the car to a halt, raises their hand and smiles back, have a think, have a go and this is another step towards a positive mindset.



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