Let's talk vision boards

Updated: Apr 28

Vision boards are an amazing g- to for visualising our goals and things we want to bring into our lives, the benefits of doing this exercise will shock you.

Before we talk vision boards I want to tell you a few personal stories in regards to vision boards. Growing up I was very active, always extremely competitive in regards to sport and games. The thing with me was, I had to win, I also always had goals and things to work towards without even realising, I was that kid if I set my mind to something then I would have to achieve it...

Let's say I really really wanted the new Playstation or football that was used in the world cup, I would become infatuated, and doing so I would find ways to obtain whatever it was I wanted. It would start with me drawing the place or object, then finding it in a magazine and cutting it out, sticking it to my door. It's funny because I'm sure a lot of people do this unconsciously, but I would only stopping obsessing until I got it, whether it meant finding ways to earn the money, negotiating or even trading my toys. The moral is, when you really want something, you'll find a way to get it, ONLY if you really want it. We're all capable I promise, but you do have to put yourself out there.

Law of attraction

Let's reiterate, this is called the law of attraction, and I didn't know I was even doing it as a kid but to this day I do this all day every day and it's how goals are met. When you visualise what you want, every day, before bed, when you wake up, you program your mind to believe you can make it, the only thing stopping you would be your mind. I live by what I'm about to tell you, as simple as it sounds and probably silly, but THERE IS A SOLUTION TO EVERYTHING. The honest truth is that there really is, I promise, but there isn't if you don't believe it...

Make the vision board

Let's discuss vision boards, before we start, just get a piece of paper and write down what it is you really want, where you want to be, who you want to be with, the car you may want, maybe the watch you like, whatever floats your boat.

We all have goals, things we want, places we want to be, but sometimes these goals get lost in our day to day, so do what I do, and write them down! Remind yourself why you're working towards them, remind yourself where you want to be. Visualise these goals, save images online of your dream home and favourite holidays, put it all onto one piece of paper and make sure you see it every day.

Here's a starter list to write and add photos to your vision board :

  • Your future family

  • The holidays you want to go on

  • The dream house

  • The car you desire

  • The walks you want to enjoy

  • The suit you want to be seen in

  • The body you desire

Be sure to add anything you desire, anything you dream of, a feeling you want to feel again, a place or an asset, who knows but write it down and picture it.

If you haven't created a vision board before then do it, tell me how it feels, maybe you'll feel you have more purpose and motivation. Let me know how you find it, and please let me know your thoughts, I'm always here to listen, so sign up and keep in touch!



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