How to use your home to keep you fit this week

Updated: Apr 27

There's officially an excuse for not going to the gym seeing they are all closed, but say no more, your new gym hub is right in front of you, your home.

Keeping healthy and moving is one of the most important things you can do during these uncertain times, so don't see working out as a luxury or even a chore, see it as a support system because it will help get you through this. Implement daily workout routines into your planner, keep your immune system alive and healthy. For those who commute to work usually, use that period to do your workout, or for at least 30 minutes a day.

Unsure of what exercises to do? You are lucky that technology is at our fingertips, we have every single workout you could dream of on the internet, including tailor-made workouts by us here at My French Coach created by the founder Sam Neame. Pop to YouTube or search for home workouts and you are sorted for months. it may not seem possible seeing you don't have a garden or space inside, but trust us, there's always space. Here are our finest tips on using what you have around you to keep healthy.

Make room

Take this time to prepare for your workout, move some furniture around to give you clean space to move freely in. Remember that vase or china plate your friend got you from abroad, we would advise you pop that somewhere safe.. Give yourself the reassurance before you start your home workout that you will not break or damage anything, this will mean you can exercise with a clear mind and use this time to work out properly. If you have a low ceiling, think about it, would you want to risk a burpee? It may end up with your head entering the neighbour's floor.

Your furniture is your gym

Every piece of furniture can be used in some way, so instead of looking at your sofa for sitting down on, imagine it for doing push-ups on. here are some good ideas :

Sofa or bed: Incline push-ups & tricep dips

Another benefit of doing a workout at home is you have your own space, there are no gym heads making grunt noises wearing vests that are 3 sizes too small for them. It's your own personal gym. We're sure you know what a push up is, so raise your feet on your bed or sofa, and do incline push-ups to target different parts of your chest. Do the same with your triceps, experiment because it will work.

That's a nice chair: Squats

Stand up, sit down, stand up, sit down, it's actually that easy, for those starting out and especially for the elderly, doing this will help keep your body moving throughout the day and it really isn't too hard let's face it. Working from a home office can have surprising benefits, we become more adventurous.

The naughty step is now good: Lunges

We always hear that is healthier to take the stairs than the lift or escalators. Now is your time to shine, stairs provide so many workouts, the first we have stair sprints, simply run up the stairs and walk down. Secondly, we have pushed up on the stairs which offer different angles to target different parts of the chest. And last but not least, the famous lunge, what a way to work those legs, simply put your leg onto a lower step and lunge, repeat.

Make your weights

It might not seem like it but there are all kinds of ways in your home to make weights. The point of a good workout isn't necessarily how heavy the weights are but how you use your body. A great idea is to put a few tins and frozen foods into 2 bags, and there you have it, 2 dumbbells ready for action. The best part is, you can modify the weight.

The great outdoors

Depending on the size or even if you have a garden, this can be a brilliant way to spice up your workout. Having more space means cardio is a lot easier to do, by this, we mean creating some kind of circuit or obstacle course in your garden. The more you create in times like this the more creative in general you will be, it's a double benefit. A good tip to remember when it comes to exercising inside or out is that you should try and keep your heart rate up as much as possible.

Put your desk up high

The hidden benefits of using a standing desk really vary, the truth is, as humans we are not built to sit on our backsides for hours upon hours, this is one of the reasons we develop health problems including back problems. We get it, a standing desk doesn't just appear, however, you can make one and you have everything you may need at home for it. An ironing board, yes the famous ironing board, men still aren't sure of their purpose, but today this ironing board shall become the new health desk.

Wind down exercise is important

What's the first thought when someone mentions home workout, probably lot's of squats, burpees and leg raises right? Well, this is not the case at all in fact, softer exercises such as yoga, aerobics, pilates or even just stretching are brilliant ways to strengthen and stretch the body with huge benefits to our mind too. The outcome of these calming exercises are brilliant for our brains, they can relieve major symptoms of depression and anxiety especially in times where everyone is stuck at home.



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