How to quit your sugar addiction

Updated: Apr 27

It's one of the worst. This is how you can cut it out.

Sugar is an absolute killer, we all know yet it's so easy to find ourselves consuming far too much. The dangers of consuming too much sugar range from obesity, tooth decay which in the long run will affect you in many more serious ways. It's actually one of the main reasons you probably can't shift that belly. Here is what you need to know to get your health to where you want it to be.

Understand the enemy

What do we all think of when we mention sugar.. most probably the white stuff which could be mistaken for other substances. To your surprise, it comes in many forms including ready meals, bet you didn't know that... One of the main issues with sugar is that it makes you even more hungry, not only that but it also contains a hell of a lot of calories, if you want to gain bad fat quick then jump on the sugar. On the serious side, this will lead to weight gain, which will probably lead to heart disease if pushed and then type 2 diabetes, or even cancer.

Physical appearance can easily be affected from eating a large amount of sugar, when we consume it, there will be spikes in your blood sugar levels which has huge links to acne, ageing of the skin, mood swings and depression. On the outside, you will most probably look bloated and tired, not very fresh and still be hungry for more.

Revisit your diet

Completely cutting out sugar is hard, you will even notice it in your mood and body language. Having said that you can start to make small changes, this will mean checking food packages for sugar content, a low sugar food will contain anything under 5g of sugar per 100g.

Sugar is in a lot of foods, even foods we don't expect it to be in, of course in sweets and fizzy drinks there is a ludicrous amount, nevertheless, when it comes to fruit and natural fruit juices, you may think you're doing a good deed if you weren't aware there is probably more sugar whether it is natural or unnatural in a fruit smoothies than your packet of sweets. So where else is sugar lurking? check your white bread, or ready meals and any processed foods.

How much do you want to cut out sugar, because if so it's time to start fully cooking from scratch, this way any camouflaged sugar-filled product will be banished. It's quite simple in order to lower the intake, make sure you increase your intake of green vegetables and good fibre. Swap out sweet fruit juices or sugary drinks for water or healthy teas.

Take the leap and cut the cravings

Like a lot of things in life, we become addicted if it feels good enough, when giving sugar up it will be easier to get it done than do so gradually because it will be picked up in most foods. Truth is, if you give your body a treat now and then, you will start to crave it even more, so if you are thinking of the long term, then cut it fully out.

Cut the coffee

Trust us, you can survive without it in the morning, you will not die. Do you understand what caffeine does? firstly it can be the main fuel of your sugar addictions. Secondly, caffeine increases stress level hormones which are - noradrenaline, adrenaline and cortisol, which give you energy. For those who stay up late enough to still be ok consuming coffee on low levels of sleep, you will most probably crave sugar the next day. Try healthy teas like green tea or lemon & ginger, they do the job.



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