How do we get motivated?

Updated: Apr 28

The one thing that keeps us going is motivation, it's vital to find it, and keep using it every day to help achieve our goals.

This is the big one, the word we love to hear but struggle to use. I get it, it's not easy, motivation is a game-changer if you have it, but if you don't it's an honest ache.

I get a lot of people coming to me asking for the magic remedy to find motivation as if I sold it online or something. Truth is only YOU can find and put it into action. I know how you feel, exercise feels like a chore, your day ahead seems black & white, you want to make changes but you really don't have the energy...

The vision needs to be clear

There are a few ways that help get that fire in your belly back, I've always used this personally and you should try it. Firstly visualise your goal, visualise where you want to be, who you want to be, how you want to look, why you want to feel that way. Then write down the steps to getting there, here's an example. You want to walk into a meeting feeling rejuvenated, feeling it, looking genuinely well both physically and mentally. Then your first step is by managing your mental health, what's bothering you? what would make you feel happier?

Secondly, diet & fitness, maybe this could be your answer, you'll be surprised what the right food and training does to your mind, as you may have read in my previous blogs, but it's a great potion to take.

If you need some help with your vision have a look here.

Take action

All of these steps are great but mean nothing without ACTION, you must take action. It doesn't always feel good but that's how we grow and make a change. Wake up, complete a small task (make your bed), write down your daily plan, do that 20-minute Hiit workout we gave you and get it done, do this for a week and watch the results. It's a snowball effect, you will feel productive, clear-minded and have self-achievement. Small habits are the best way to change how you feel so do it!

If you're reading this you're already a step ahead, so please keep going, I'm here to help and always appreciate the wonderful feedback you send me, so please visit the Facebook & Linked-in page, give it a follow and keep in touch.



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