A routine for working from home (Coronavirus)

Updated: Apr 27

We understand it is not easy having little control in the times of uncertainty we are all experiencing, read into the guide below for tips.

For some, being homebound is an absolute nightmare, there are so many reasons why it’s difficult. Firstly, you have time to think which some people avoid which is fair enough, however sometimes when we’re wrapped up in busyness we forget our goals, we forget those reliable friends and we also forget who we are let’s face it. So here are some things you can do to help get comfortable spending time on your own during these uncertain times!

The routine

1) Write a big list of things to achieve in the week, day or hour. This will help you stay productive.

2) Split up tasks into 40-minute sections with 20- minute breaks.

3) Read that book you bought at the airport, it’s probably got something really useful in it.

4) Do à home workout l, whether it’s one My French Coach has made or any other on Youtube, but stay active! 5) Eat well, you’ll feel rejuvenated, so eat your fruit & veg, drink green teas and don’t stop on the water..(you have a toilet so close now)

6) Learn a new skill, you know we always push free information on our website/Facebook pages, so use it!

7) Tidy, organise and clean your working space, it feels so nice to have a clean area.

8) Limit your phone time, concentrate on what you have to get done first.

9) Take a bath, put your slippers on and FaceTime those you love, appreciate who you have.

10) Write down what you love about yourself, don’t feel guilty, myself (Sam Neame) do it every week, it gives you a boost and reminds you that YOU ARE special.

Follow these easy steps and you’ll already feel more with it!



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