9 ways to live a clean and healthy life

Updated: May 23

Living a clean and healthy lifestyle always seems daunting and difficult. To your surprise you don't need to wake up before 6 am every day to eat bone broth followed by a run, you simply need to implement a few of the tips below to give your mind and body what it deserves.

Stay hydrated with water

Water is one of the most powerful things to put in your body and there are so many reasons why. The human body is made up of over 70% water, which should give enough reasons to drink more water. When we wake up from a 6-9 hour sleep, our body would have used a lot of water in the night, so it's vital to replenish the reserves with 500ml-1litre of water as soon as we wake up.

A bonus to losing weight is to drink more water, a lot of the time, we are not actually hungry, we are in fact thirsty, so give your body what it needs and consume enough water in the day, for a male you should consume around 3 litres a day, and as a female 2 litres.

Keep your hands clean

Living a healthy lifestyle doesn't just mean eating well and exercising, it actually means looking after every area of your body, whether that's the inside or the outside. Washing your hands before consuming food is very important and under 15% of people worldwide only wash their hands before eating. Before eating, remember how much we touch as humans, we touch everything, so imagine how much bacteria is on what we touch. So give your body a break and don't risk making your immune system work harder than it should!

The sleep ritual

There is no right or wrong when it comes to sleep, some people may operate well on 4 hours, most people operate well on 7-9 hours sleep. It's a good idea to find the right balance, firstly a sleep ritual is going to give you the upper hand for those who struggle to settle down at night. Preparing yourself for sleep 2 hours before actually sleeping will send you off to dreamland comfortably. Some good tips on ensuring good sleep, have a warm bath or shower, prepare a healthy tea with no caffeine, dim the lights, open your window to get fresh air and stay off the screens! Filling your bedroom with plants like snake or spider plants will cleanse the air in your room and help you sleep throughout the night, how cool!

If you still struggle with sleep, it might be time to have a read and use these techniques because they work!

The breakfast

We say "The" because it should really be done properly, especially for those who have busy days ahead. A good breakfast can really vary, but cutting out the extremely sugary cereals will help prevent an imbalance of moods throughout the day. Think about it, after having slept for over 7 hours, your body has been using fuel throughout the night, it now needs to be refuelled by the right things.

Proteins like eggs when waking up is a very good idea, especially for those who are active, it's a good idea to feed those muscles early, the more you feed them, the quicker they will repair which means the more efficiently your body will work. A good breakfast can involve fresh fruit, oats, toast, coffee, orange juice and warm teas to flush your system. Stay away from the refined sugars early in the morning and give your body a kick start

The incredible benefits of eating a balanced breakfast and how it will change your life.

Don't sit, stand

Remember this, "we are not built to sit down all day", of course, humans are not supposed to sit down all day, it's completely unnatural, however, some don't have a choice. Luckily there are ways around this, if working in an office, it could be time to work standing up or bringing in an ergonomic desk. Think about the human body, there are so many muscles and organs that need to be looked after, they require blood flow to work efficiently, so when we're sat down all day, they can't do their job properly.

For those who do spend a lot of time sat down, every 30 minutes, stand up, move your body and embrace you probably look crazy doing so, just remind yourself of how you are looking after your body.

Meal prep

It sounds a lot harder than it really is. Preparing your food in advance has a whole list of different benefits, not only will it mean you save time, but you will also be snacking less. For anyone who struggles with time during the workweek, this is your new go-to.

Preparing food for the evenings or lunch will mean investing 1-3 hours per week, saving you around 8 hours of cooking, washing up and messing around in the kitchen. During these hours you can make the most of what you enjoy or spending time with friends and family. The weekly food shop will be made a lot easier and also cost a lot less in the long run. So maybe it's time to buy some good Tupperware and prepare those meals.

Healthy food prep will not only save you time, but also save your health.

Say goodbye to bad habits

Everyone has unhealthy habits, and these habits can be anything from smoking, alcohol, high sugar intake and eating the wrong things late at night. Some of the biggest steps to take when trying to live a healthier lifestyle are to cut these habits out.

Sometimes we are not actually sure why we have such bad habits, so the first step is finding out what they are and what triggers these habits. For example, what makes you want to smoke a cigarette. As soon as you find out what it is, change the action with better action, such as chewing gum, doing a squat or distracting yourself. The same goes for unhealthy eating, sometimes it can seem so difficult to put down the sugary drinks and processed food, so figure out what makes you want to cut the habit.

Fibre intake should be high

The qualities of eating enough fibre are endless, many people will forget to implement fibre in their diet which is a big mistake. The benefits of eating fibre consistently start from helping you on the toilet to controlling blood sugar levels, which means your mood will probably be a lot more balanced. Fat loss will increase and you will snack less, enough fibre in your diet will let your body function properly. By eating oats as an example, your body will digest them slowly. which means less snacking throughout the day.

The caveman diet

Reading about all the fad diets out there will leave you completely unsure and lost on how to stay healthy. There is a diet called "the caveman diet" or "the paleo diet". It's really easy to understand diet which is chosen by many athletes around the world. One of the biggest diet killers is processed foods along with refined sugars, these are things we cant get naturally out of food. The caveman diet consists of food you could only pick out of the ground, trees or hunt. It makes you think and choose, anything that can be grown by the earth is the route to follow. Any fruit, vegetables, fish, fresh meat, nuts, seeds and oats. Think back to the caveman days, or how most animals survive. The brighter the fruit or veg, the better it is for you.


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