7 secrets to sleeping well

Had enough of feeling tired? Sleep is difficult especially during the lockdown, so here are some easy tips to get you to sleep.

Sleep is beautiful, as a child it's the worst thing possible, but as we grow we start to understand the importance of sleep and the effects of not having enough of it. Most of the time we struggle to sleep because of bad habits, lack of routine or a mind that is completely overflowing with unorganised thoughts. The worst thing you can do is turn to sleep tablets, this is when the long rollercoaster of addiction would commence so do not even think about it.

Regular exercise

Real exercise will help you get your head down at night and get your 8 hours of sleep. By exercise, we don't mean taking a 10-minute stroll per day. When we exercise the natural sleep hormones such as melatonin gets boosted. Regular workouts or exercise should be between 20-50 minutes, and the workout should push you enough to sweat. Working out in the morning will wake up you and result in you falling asleep at a good time that night, whereas working out before bedtime will stimulate you instead.. not what we want!

The bed is for sleep only

Don't confuse your mind when it comes to sleeping, because if you watch tv in bed and use it as an office you will relate those activities to your bed. The bedroom should be prioritised for sleep and sex in order to find a good balance. When we build invisible walls inside a home we are disciplining our minds to boundaries.

Keep the lighting low

Your bedroom shouldn't really have lighting you would find in a supermarket in there. Strong light stimulates the brain tricking it into thinking it's time to wake up and go outside. So if you fancy a long stroll at midnight then go ahead. Try and keep your room clean, fresh and calm, this will allow your body and brain it's time to rest and settle down.

Make a sleep ritual

As humans let's face it, old or young we love our rituals or habits, when we were young children you most probably had some kind of routine to help you sleep, whether it was a story, a warm drink or a mood lamp. So, find the ritual that works for you, try a warm tea, shower and no phone.

Be sure to put your phone on airplane mode.

Bedtime snacks

The thought of a rumbling tummy before bed can keep you up for some time, we spend between 5 and 9 hours asleep, imagine how hungry you will get in that time. So if you're hungry before bed, have a snack and avoid eating a large meal roughly 2 hours before bed.

Cut the alcohol and caffeine now

Healthy snacks before bed won't affect your sleep unless it's heavily calorific or alcohol and coffee. Even chocolate has caffeine in it, so if you're looking to munch on a snicker before bedtime you may struggle to nod off to sleep. These stimulants can even wake up you in the night and make your sleep restless so keep the snacks healthy and natural if possible.

Hello stress and goodbye

Before bedtime seems to be the time we stop normal life and start to unwind, however, this is also the time stress pops into your head and reminds of you things you have to do or pay. Learn exercises before sleep, like writing a list and getting the weight off your shoulders onto paper.

Here are a few more reasons you should try and write a list before bedtime.



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