7 helpful tips for when you're lacking motivation

If you can relate to feeling pumped about doing something and then losing complete focus and motivation along with intense scrolling on Instagram, then this is what you need to do.

Levels of motivation tend to really fluctuate for a lot of people especially during the difficult times of lockdown, maybe every day seems slightly like a challenge to keep your head above water. It's very normal to start your day or a project feeling good and motivated then losing the focus and picking up your phone. Well good news, we have some brilliant tips on how to overcome this normal problem.

Something to remember when experiencing drops in motivation is that whatever goes up must come down, it's really normal. It probably isn't possible for someone to stay motivated every single day of the year and not break so allow yourself to lose it and embrace losing it for a while. Because what goes down should then come back up!

If it's a goal, business or relationship for example, then the motivation can shift very easily, sometimes it's simply down to realistic elements kicking into place, or even your natural safety mechanisms trying to protect you from hurt. This is one of the reasons there's only 1% that achieve incredible high incomes because they have said "no thanks" to their safety warnings and have taken the risks the other 99% don't want to take.

Find the why to your motivation

A start to getting back your motivation is to find your inner motivation, what it is inside you that keeps you motivated. Take your time to find your why, because it could be a big why or a small why, from money to dreams to family.

If you're really that ready to get your motivation back then it's time to reconnect with yourself and find out why you are motivated. Sometimes there are techniques to help reconnect with ourselves, for example, it's common to walk, write meditate, workout and speak to others to find out these reasons.

Stop waiting for motivation

If you're a believer in motivation just coming back then trust us, it won't and you will be believing for some time. If you're ready to get motivated go on a hunt and find it, take action because if you don't, who knows how long you will be without it? Some ideas on taking action :

Write it down

There's nothing more efficient than writing down things on your mind and anything that's important to you.

Write down a plan on ways to get your motivation back, make a list like :

  • What drives me?

  • What makes me feel good?

  • When do I feel at my best?

  • Who makes me feel motivated?

  • Is it work, people, food, sport, travel?

The list can go on, so keep writing until the lightbulb appears and you will know.

Follow through and ignore your mood

This could be one of the best pieces of advice when it comes to making yourself feel better and more motivated. If you have a plan set and your mind says "oh no not today" there will be higher chances of you not following through which can have detrimental effects.

It's vital to remember your feelings do not always tell the truth or give the best advice, remember, they are protecting you from danger, but in order to seek what we truly desire is to take a little risk and go for it, it's the only way to grow and live a happy life.

Go easy on yourself

Just because you've lost a little motivation this does not represent your value and especially not your worth so relax. If you experience a lack of motivation it's a good excuse to find your true motivations again and get the ball rolling. The harder you go on yourself the more you will be afraid of getting started, so embrace the momentum and get started before it's too late.



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