25 rules truly happy and successful people live by

Whether it's happiness that makes you happy or something else, there are still rules and tips to follow in order to achieve both of these end goals, have a read.

Many people always ask or even wonder how truly successful people make it, what recipe did they use and was it just luck? Honestly, whilst creating small efficient habits and doing the things you love, you create your own luck. There are of course certain habits to follow, we have listed below just how they do it.

1) They understand where they went wrong and create action straight away in order to correct and learn from their mistake.

2) They are fulfilled by not only material things but more importantly by feelings and experiences. They have understood that in life there is so much more to get out of life than replaceable objects.

3) They are clear on the fact that in order to grow they must leave their comfort zone and take the leap. Every time they do so they learn something new and push further towards their end goals.

4) They can turn a negative into a positive. They see something negative and search out what can be turned into a positive even in some of the hardest of situations.

5) They focus their energy on priorities and certain things at one time. They believe that doing too much at once will be very counterproductive.

6) Every day they wake up to perform beyond their best as if it were their last day to do so. By challenging their own and others expectations they become fulfilled.

7) They look after their mind and body, so taking breaks and step-backs are always a priority.

8) They take their time making big decisions, instead of rushing ahead and thinking on the moment, they take their time, assess and act.

9) They remind themselves of what they have in their lives already instead of becoming discontented by what they lack.

10) More than anything they value moments with the people they love or the places that made them feel the best they could have felt.

11) They choose to challenge themselves as much as possible, this is how they make themselves grow.

12) They consistently surround themselves by people that help them grow and make them feel good inside.

13) They stay unique to their own, no matter the external influences they stay themselves.

14) They understand that when tough times come about, there are always better times just over the hill.

15) They accept who they are and would rather keep the right people in their lives instead of others they do not require.

16) They have goals, and they are inspired by the process and the journey it takes to get to them, they are more importantly extremely clear on where they are heading.

17) They look for the good thing even in dark places, there is always something good to take from bad situations and they understand this very clearly.

18) They are good sportsman when it comes to respecting others. They will always show it, even if it is not given to them, they do their best to be the bigger person.

19) They don't believe in just their views, they learn and talk to others in order to understand different opinions and perspectives.

20) They always push through tough times, when failure and negative thoughts arise they keep their heads down and keep going.

21) Their biggest competition is themselves, always, they believe others are incomparable.

22) They are willing to try and learn new things where many wouldn't even think about it.

23) They do not have excuses, they take a challenge on and accept where they failed.

24) They put everything they have into anything they do, no matter how small or how big it is.

25) They don't let anything hold them back from growing.


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