5 Reasons to keep your phone on airplane mode

Updated: Apr 27

Phones in the morning are not the best idea, we do understand for some it is vital to for their circumstances to use their phone in the morning, you may be surprised at some of the health risks.

We have habits of either snoozing in the morning or instead of waking up in our own company we wake up with our devil phones. The problem with jumping straight on your phone after a good nights sleep is that whatever you read or see on that screen will control or take an effect on your day. Let's say you wake up feeling refreshed and energised and you see an email about a parking fine, or a text from a lover your thought you managed to move on from. This will genuinely change the dynamics of your day whether you like it or not. You should control your day, don't let your phone control you when the power is in your hands. Try this for a week and see how you feel, you will be surprised trust me!

Stress & Anxiety

Waking up and reaching over for your phone, turning it on and checking such a mass of sensitive content can really affect you, and not in a good way. It can leave you feeling unsure for the rest of the day, put you in a weak mindset and also leave you anxious. Were you aware that high phone usage is linked to depression and anxiety, especially when it comes to teenagers and those in their 20's, this is in both women and men. Checking the phone in the morning means it has control over you, you're being taken in to check everything currently happening outside of your environment, which can really affect your mood.

Loss of time

If the first thing you are doing when waking up is checking your phone, this means as soon as you do, other people's opinions and requests will instantly affect your mind which will change the way you see your day. Waking up is an important time, imagine a car, when we turn on the car in the morning we don't speed off at 100mph, we let it warm up and adjust (you should), it's the same for you, take control of your morning and mind. When we have our attention diverted to other people's lives online we lose focus on our own goals and daily goals too.

Let's face it when heading over to Instagram, Facebook or the news, how long are we spending reading and scrolling? 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 50 minutes, before we know it we've been scrolling for an hour, and for what? Doing this we set ourselves back in many ways, one by losing time which is the most precious currency.

A few ideas to do in your time instead of checking your phone in the morning could be meditation, cooking prioritisation tasks for the day, something to benefit you.

A day of distraction

Habits make us, the habit of welcoming the phone so fast and so early means we get used to it, it only takes a week or two for this to become a real habit, dangerous! Because we allow ourselves to get distracted so quickly and so early, we have not communicated with our brain that it's ok to lose focus, it will now become a lot more difficult to focus on tasks we really must get done in fact.

In other words, unless you manage to break this habit, your day will not be as productive and effective as it really could be. A good technique for understanding reasons to stop this habit would be to write the benefits down of checking the phone.. how many are there really? Is it vital we see someone promoting a toothbrush on Instagram?

The Brain and its chemicals

In life, it's always nice to feel appreciated, but feeling rewarded is even better at times, which is one of the reasons we check social media so much. When you check your phone the brain will release dopamine. When doing so this creates a pattern and we want to repeat the feeling, so we repeat the task, such as scrolling even more, as if we were rewarded once again.

It's tough but this is essentially a small battle, a battle with your brain which is extremely powerful, however, when harnessed it will be a great help in breaking habits.

If you want to get your brain and body into a good state for the day, don't check your phone when waking up, instead, relax, take a step back and control what is in your control.

How to break the habit

If you've arrived here and thought that this is just not possible due to circumstances like your business, personal family or other reasons, then it's ok, but it is a good idea to try and implement solutions even if they are small, even 15 minutes without a phone works.

Tip 1

Make sure you put your phone on airplane mode before bed, firstly it has many health benefits for the brain when we don't sleep next to a phone with mobile data on, and also this mean when waking up, we are not polluted by news and messages. Maybe it's worth trying out the famous alarm clock instead of your phone alarm..?

Tip 2

Replace the habit with something you enjoy, what if instead of scrolling you decide to :

  • Cook a healthy breakfast

  • Make a smoothie

  • Get fresh air

  • Exercise

  • Go for a walk

  • Write a list for the day

  • Write down what you're grateful for

  • Connect with your family

Give these a try, it's always a good idea to try something new, especially because you have no idea of the health benefits, small habits like this could change your life.



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