10 reasons to hire a life coach

Updated: May 23

There's a lot of changes to everyone's life during this period, which means all kinds of tough questions are floating around people's minds. We've got some priceless reasons why a life coach is important during these times.

We are all most probably seeing an increase in demand for life coaches, confidence coaches, business coaches etc. So why is it now that they're in such high demand? Well, firstly many people have huge uncertainty in their lives right now, whether that's financial uncertainty or just generally feeling unclear on what is happening. It's completely normal to lose faith and lose track of our goals when there are such big changes being made. A life coach will help you discover your limiting beliefs, small or big, and target them. These limiting beliefs or areas of your life which are pulling you down are most probably behind the reason you don't feel 100%.

Having someone there by your side to help pinpoint areas that are pulling you back is very important because most of the time we can't figure out what they are. A good life coach will work with you to create strategies to overcome your limiting beliefs. This could be your sleep, weight, work-life balance, confidence, business start-up, general work, public speaking, body language etc

Clarity on what you want

Most of us live very busy lives with very limited thinking time which is sometimes the main reason you are not feeling fulfilled. It's difficult to have real thinking time with jobs, family, social lives, meetings and much more. So many will spend years ignoring their true ambitions and motivation just because they're "too" busy. This is the graveyard for dreams to be brutal, and so it's vital to make time to create a plan. A life coach will shine a light on that dream which is hidden under your busy calendar and give you directions to getting back on that path. Sometimes it's important to take a step back, get a pen and paper, write down the life we want, the things we would like, the people and the environment. Whether you're busy or not, you deserve a great life, so do not put your dream life aside, this isn't a game, this is your one shot at life.

Shine light on your strengths and weaknesses

The question is, "do you really know your strengths and weaknesses"? Finding our strengths and embracing them is one of the most important things we can do. Everyone has different strengths but if you don't know how to harness and use it then what's the purpose? For many, finding our strengths can be really difficult which is where a good life coach comes in. What we must remember is that a life coach can read people, they read body language and persona. So, there's a strong possibility they will see your strengths after maybe just one consultation which is a huge step forward. The same goes for weakness, imagine having 5 things you are really confident and strong in, but one of the 5 is extremely weak, which is the reason behind why you aren't moving forward. For example, you're a salesman and you can sell anything to anyone, but if your self-image isn't being looked after then you will be shooting yourself in the foot giving yourself less of a chance to sell. Spotting weaknesses and turning them into strengths or even just improving them is a recipe for success. A life coach will give you the best strategies to improve this.

Find your why behind your motivation

It's very difficult to stay motivated when you don't understand why or what you're motivated for. Think about it, why do you work out or run? Well, your motivation is to either look good, feel good or be fitter and healthier to do more. Why do you have two jobs? Maybe your motivation is so you can be more financially free, have more money to travel or maybe because it makes you feel good.

We all have motivations and reasons behind why we do what we do. However, it is not always evident when it comes to spotting why we are motivated. Which is where a good life coach comes in, the coach will break down situations and go to places in your mind you didn't know you had. They will help you discover your purpose, your why and your main motivations to help you recalibrate and move forward towards your goal. Doing these exercises with a life coach will improve your confidence and self-esteem in general.

For now, it's a good idea to find why you're lacking motivation and why, so have a read of this article and get closer to understanding yourself.

7 helpful tips for when you're lacking motivation

Begin to love life again

Falling out of love with your life or situation is bound to happen at some point, it's very rare for someone to wake up and feel incredible and content about everything every day. So give yourself a break. Imagine cycling every single day 5 days a week for around 60km per day. It must get tiring, do the same thing everyday, feeling tired and unrested. It's almost like a vicious cycle, as when you have some time to rest, the next day it's back to the grind. For many people, their life resembles something like this but in the job form with other things weighing down on their shoulders.

The biggest struggle is finding a solution to loving life again, and this is where a life coach comes in to help. As humans, we only see a certain amount of who we are, whereas a real coach will figure you out and see the gaps in your life. The best part is, there will be a solution and a real strategy which will begin to give you reasons to love your life again, whether it's making small changes, improving relationships or getting your body back in shape, there is always a solution.

Let go of negative thinking

Negative thoughts could be the main reason you're holding yourself back from being who or where you want in life. At times, the thoughts will take over your mind completely and phase you away from living the life the way you wanted it to be. A life coach like My French Coach will guide you on how to turn these thoughts into power thoughts. Understanding the root of each negative thought that comes into your mind is the best way to eliminate them. If you wake up some mornings with a heavy head full of thoughts that make you feel genuinely low and anxious, then it's time to get a coach.

Healthier body & mind

Ok, hiring a life coach doesn't necessarily mean you will become a marathon runner, but if it's what you want then it will be your best bet. The mind and body are completely connected so what does this even mean ...? It means that if you are looking after your mind but not your body then you are missing out on a lot of good things. One of the biggest changes a life coach will ask you to do is to get fit, and by fit, this does not mean to an athletes level. When we exercise we are firstly doing great things inside our body but we're also telling our mind that we are strong, driven and successful. If you look at an athlete, it's very rare almost impossible for them to have a weak mind, which shows just how much the body and mind correlate.

We've got some more reasons why you need to get exercising right now, here.

Increase your self-esteem and confidence

Something to be clear on is that when we lack confidence we will hold ourselves back from some of the most life-changing opportunities. Feeling good and comfortable in your own skin is probably the one thing that will take you on a journey to greatness. If you have limiting beliefs or have lost most of your self-belief, then it's time to hire a life coach. Sometimes embracing change and getting out of our comfort zone is a powerful tool to help increase self-esteem. But, it will come slowly, there needs to be reasons and strategies put in place by your life coach that only you can put into action. Once your confidence has improved you will notice changes throughout many areas of your life, for example, your earnings from work, your relationships, your health, your sleep and your mindset.

Increase of earnings

Everyone has different views on a happy life or ways to live a better life. We understand for many people that earning more money will not make you happier, and we totally agree. But for those who are driven by the thought of increasing their salaries then it could be time to get a coach to show you how. How can a life coach increase your earnings you may be wondering. The secret behind how this is made possible is by understanding you. We all have the potential to do unbelievable things, but we must only find ways to use and learn how to. For many workers out there, they are happy and doing well in their eyes, but little do they know that by improving one of the twenty-four areas in their life this could have an immense impact on their earnings and lead to complete financial freedom. Once again, it's not easy to understand where this area is, which is where a life coach comes in. Find a life coach near you, there are many London life coaches and UK based coaches, but you will only know who you need once you take the initial consultation. Sam Neame life coach.

Some of the areas that My French Coach cover.



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