11 hints you seriously need a life coach

More and more people realise after many years of living their lives that they don't feel fulfilled, or they feel very lost. This is where life coaches come in, to put things back in place and to open your eyes to the life you can live with their support.

For a long time, the most successful and happy people have been using life coaches as a large self-investment. Today life coaches like myself are helping more people than ever, but there are a lot of people still incertain on hiring one. The main purpose of a good life coach is to give you guidance and strategies to help you find out what to do with your life. Most people are stubborn but still live a life they don't truly desire, which is why the allowing to accept the support of a life coach could be a genuine life-changer.

Below are the important hints telling you that it could be time to hire a life coach :

The feeling of being lost

With so much happening in our lives, it's normal to become or just to feel lost on our path. Not knowing which way your life is heading is very common, but it's also like the oil light turning on in your car, you know you should get it checked out but you put it back. When the time comes, the answer could be to start working with a life coach to put things into perspective.

You self-doubt too often

It's common and completely normal to have so much self-doubt, however, over time it will become very unhealthy and action must be put in place. If you feel you can no longer achieve your goals, you can't find the route and feel unfulfilled, then it may be time to get in contact with a coach. A good life coach will put everything out in front of you, understand what is holding you back and create strategies around each hurdle. Sometimes a life coach can see your dreams clearer than you can see them yourself.

You know what you want in life, but not the route to get there

If you have big dreams or even just dreams, then you're already a step ahead. Knowing and visualising the life you want is very important, however, without a solid plan of action, there is a strong chance it will not come true as soon as you wish. This is where a life coach comes in very handy, they will take your end goal and figure out with your help a solid plan to take you there, step by step and a realistic time frame. The organisation and clear vision of a life coach is exactly what you need if you are unsure on the route.

You've had enough of your job

On average we spend between 30-50 hours at our jobs per week, which is a lot of time to invest in something if we do not enjoy it. Over 80% of people worldwide dislike their jobs, which makes total sense. That being said, making the leap of change is really difficult, especially for those tied down by kids and mortgages. But, do not worry, once again the support of a life coach is cherished in these situations. In order to leave our currents jobs, we need a few things, confidence, plan, action. These three factors are vital and a life coach will support all three along with supporting you during the transition.

Your health could be better

It's no surprise under the pressure of living today that we sometimes forget our health. Looking after our bodies will actually look after our minds, so body health is absolutely vital. Hiring a coach who covers health and fitness will be one of the best investments you could make in yourself. By doing so, they will assess what food you should be eating, the types of workouts and the frequency. The results will not only show physically, but the mental results will be extraordinary.

You feel forgetful in general

Life is full of small tasks and things to get done, but nothing gets completed without a bit of organisation. If we struggle with small tasks in life, imagine how hard it is to make real change and live a better life. A life coach will be by your side, to pick you back up and place you on track, almost like a personal trainer, we don't always need one, but they motivate us and show us how to do things properly.

You don't finish things

Unfortunately, not finishing projects or tasks can be dangerous and lead to a lack of self-discipline. It's easy and normal to get things to 80%, walk away and start the next task. But doing this actually tells our mind that we never need to push ourselves or go the whole way. Having someone to remind you to push forward will give you a reason to feel motivated and clear on your goals.

You seem to procrastinate

It's so easy to get stuck into some work and after 30 minutes, allow yourself a break to check out what's going on in Instagram. one hour later and you're still scrolling, what's the point We all do it, we all regret it and it's time to stop. If you're reading this then you're already a step ahead and you want to make a good change, so cut the procrastination. In order to reach your goals, being disciplined is really important, this will be your foundations before taking action. A life coach will show you techniques and strategies to break bad habits and become productive.

You need more money

Money does actually make the world go around but more importantly, it can buy you time. For many, money is very tight and it means they are strapped into a job to make ends meet. Sometimes it feels as if there were no way out, but that could not be more wrong. Think of a doctor, you will visit a doctor when you need help getting better because they know and have the tools. It's the same for a life coach, we are here to offer our tools and find the solutions to your problems.

Your Self-Confidence is low

One of the most powerful assets in a person is their confidence, it opens a person up to opportunity, happiness and success. For those who lack self-confidence, it can be difficult to address, but the only way to improve it is to get help. Believing in yourself when self-esteem is low can be almost impossible, and the expertise of a life coach will change this. A life coach will begin to help you develop self-confidence by targeting different areas in your life that are lacking. They will show you that you are special, worthy and unique.

It's important to get in touch if any of the above sounds fitting to you personally. The results will be life-changing and you will be part of a successful network of those who want more out of life. I'm just an email or phone call away, so be sure to check out my website to find out more and start your journey.



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