Sam Neame

I'm potentially one of the most down to earth and confident people you will meet. It all stems down to having such high self-confidence which should not be confused by arrogance. I've lived a great life living in different countries and learning different languages. I'm a self-made entrepreneur having started my first business when I was 14 things just grew from there. Why did I become a life coach? Having worked in a hedge fund based in Mayfair London, I learnt a lot about myself. I understood I was not built for a 9-5 job whether it paid well or not, the commute was a nightmare and I couldn't hack seeing so many miserable people in one place. I decided to take the leap and that's what I did. The thought of staying "comfortable" for 40 years made me want to escape to an island. My mindset has always been a "there's a solution to everything" kind of mindset. One of my biggest drives and motivations is helping others, which is why I coach my clients the same way I coached myself which worked. To give you an idea of what I'm like, I talk to everyone, I help people carry their shopping, I'm extremely supportive and driven. The self-belief inside me is as strong as it gets. Coaching my clients to believe in themselves gives me even more reason to improve myself. I want my clients to be confident enough to approach anyone, to take scary opportunities and to live a life they have drawn on a vision board. Because what I know about you, is that you can do it too, so please get in touch with me, this could be the step you've been needing to take.


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