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Are you ready to make the changes in your life & Business that will fulfil your real potential?

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What kind of people ask me to coach them? 

I coach normal people, athletes, entrepreneurs, office workers, sales-people, the unemployed, the successful and anyone who wants more out of life.

These people all have a few things in common, they aren't fulfilling their true potential and can't figure out how to move forward in their work or life in general. 

If you feel you are not where you want to be in life, you have probably googled it, watched motivational videos, read books about improving yourself, but the honest truth is, you probably need to take the next step and work with me for some real-life guidance. 

Head to my areas page, write down the areas you would improve in your life and then head to the programmes page to understand how I achieve such life-changing results with my clients. 

I can write about how I change peoples lives all day, but you will only believe it when you're sitting in front of me or on a phone call with me.


by Sam Neame

If you know it's time to change something in your life, then please be honest with yourself and listen to your mind.

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The London life & Business coach - Sam Neame

Why am called "My French Coach"? 

The reason behind the name is from having moved to the south of France without knowing a single word. The immense change made me as a person, it turned a shy and quiet English boy into a truly confident, loveable and driven person, and this is what I show my clients, that anything is possible with the right guidance. 

I’m 25, British and I absolutely love people. 10 years old, very quiet, 11 moved to France didn’t speak a word, 7 months later french was my new first language. Became loving new people, 13 first business at school, 16 understood the art of talking to anyone which opened doors to travelling. 18 graduated french school with merit, friends for life and the most outgoing confidence you could imagine. I provide each of my clients with a unique and high-class coaching experience along with true honesty and an understanding of the life you want. 

I am extremely personable and down to earth, you will be comfortable and at ease. I will open your eyes to the potential you have been hiding for all of this time.



As your coach i'm going to give you the ultimate return on investment which will be priceless. Maybe you don't believe in yourself right now or life in genereal feels confusing. So, together we will look at your 24 areas of life and find where we need to concentrate on. My unique coaching methods will show you results depending on how much commitment you can invest. You are reading this so you are already taking the right steps.


I help those who are serious in starting their business online. We cover the vital aspects of running a successful business: Finding your ideal client, learning to fundamentals to business, charging what you are worth and becoming financially free.

  • New coaches 

  • Consultants 

  • Digital marketers 

  • Fitness coaches

Don't waste any more time thinking about what to improve and make the first step. Look at the areas I cover and get in touch! 


If you feel lost or confused about your life, Sam is the coach you need. He is incredible at what he does and is the person anyone would want during difficult times.




The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

Consultations are held at the address below or via zoom, facetime or phone call. Serious enquiries only, please.

I'm one phone call away, so take the step! Sam Neame Life coach London.

Email, call or submit the form.

London | France | Cambridge 07542919930

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